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    1. Pre Run Nutrition

    2. Signs of Underfueling & How to Prevent It

    3. How To Pick Your Running Fuel

    4. Ditching Your Food Rules

    5. Preventing Burnout with Guest Speaker Ciara Carter of Run Thrive Survive

    6. Functional Testing

    7. Making Dinner Happen When You're Not At Home

    8. Supplements for Athletes

    9. Behind the Scenes in the Fitness & Nutrition Industry with Jacob Thornton

    10. Running Injury Prevention with Dr Nate Jones

    11. Handling Your Cravings

    12. Recovery Nutrition

    13. Hydration 101

    14. Common Training Mistakes & More with Run Coach Kelly Vigil

    15. How To: Carb Loading

    16. Race Day Ready

    17. Figuring Out Hunger & Fullness

    18. Navigating The Holidays In Diet Culture

    19. Setting Your Kitchen Up For Success

    20. Body Image with Guest Speaker Megan Newton

    21. Raising Intuitive Eaters

    22. Tracking: Weapon Or Tool

    23. Gut Check: Avoiding GI Issues On The Run

    24. Creating Your Athlete's Plate

    25. Ditching The New Years Diet

    26. Body Composition Changes For Runners

    27. Dr. Meg Henderson PT: Core to Floor for Runners

    28. Body Composition For Runners Part 2: The HOW

    29. Reframing Your Relationship With Food

    30. Dr. Matt Paolillo on Cross Training For Runners

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